Aramax Power Kit 5000mAh Stick



With ARAMAX POWER you don’t need to worry about not having enough battery from 3000mAh or dealing with large multi-battery mods. One fully charged 5000mAh battery is enough for more than 25ml of liquid.

Why do you need 5000mAh?
To provide a non-stop vaping experience, especially outdoor, we searched the market for the highest capacity power cell which matched our 55W atomizer; an impressive 5000mAh power cell.

The POWER is a simple device, allowing you to simply take it and vape it. There is a voltage regulator inside to regulate the peak output voltage. This delivers consistent power from the battery throughout your vape with no sudden changes to its performance.

Self Priming Coils

The coils in this device are so straight forward, install in the tank, reassemble, fill with the required liquid and wait 3-4 minutes. It is then ready to go!

Top Tips

Having used these devices for quite a considerable amount of time now, we do not recommend that have any more than low levels of sweetners to the liquid. Sweetner in e-liquid reduces the life expectancy of any vape coil, however in these devices we have found they are particularly sensitive. 

We have, however, when using e-liquid like Black Reloaded and Dimpleberry, by Zeus Juice, managed to get between 4 - 9 weeks from one single coil (depending on level of usage).

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